My life with the piano began at 5 years of age and has continued throughout life as one of my greatest joys. I pursued music in college and earned a Bachelor of Music Education degree at Covenant College, with piano as my primary instrument. I taught K-8 vocal music for 26 years, as well as private piano, and am now singularly focused on piano instruction. I regularly participate in playing for worship at my church, playing for weddings, and accompanying various groups around the community. I am an active member of Michibago Music Teachers Association. My husband, also a music teacher, and I have 4 children, 4 in-law children, and 15 beautiful grandchildren. We are a musical family!

My passion in teaching is to equip young and old alike with the necessary skills to read and play music for their own enjoyment and to serve others. This includes developing comprehensive musicianship; understanding music theory, gaining technical skills in playing, learning musicality, gaining ease in public playing, and finding joy in music making. I believe music is a precious gift from God, unique in its ability to communicate one’s thoughts and emotions. I find great joy in interacting with my students, finding unique pathways of learning for each. I teach my students to use their musical gifts to God’s glory first, and for the benefit of others and themselves.